Summary Administration

Summary – or abbreviated – administration is ideal for simple estates, and for estates that ought to have been probated long ago, but which weren’t.  Eligibility requirements are that either:

a) Estate assets do not exceed $75,000 in value (exclusive of exempt property – which includes value of homestead property) or
b) the decedent died more than two years prior, and
the will, if any, does not require formal administration.

If the decedent passed away within the preceding two years, the petitioner must swear that a diligent search has been made for all creditors, and either (a) that none exist, or (b) that they have or will immediately be paid in full.

There is no personal representative, and no surety bond – concomitantly, the authority to deal with the assets is limited.  Everything must be absolutely spelled out in the petition and proposed order, and everyone involved must agree, and sign consents for filing with the main paperwork.

It’s as near a “one-day” estate as possible, and moves as quickly as you, I, the clerks, and judge can manage – though formal administration can be fully completed within four to five months, for those estates whose assets would also qualify for summary administration.

Eighty percent of my estates are completed as summary administrations, and I have extensive experience in aligning all the documents for a quick resolution.  I can convert formal to summary and vice versa, if either need arises, and we can navigate the probate system in the most efficient, least costly way for your particular circumstances.