Kelly Cook Culbertson, P.A.

Estate Administration, Real Property, & Florida Domicile

KCC PA - what I do

In brief, I can help you navigate Florida law, as it relates to estates and real property – quickly, efficiently, and with the minimal amount of stress the law will allow. My goal is to offer

"informal, affordable, clever, & competent"

representation, and it’s important to meet that standard in every case I take. I run a location-independent (i.e., sometimes from a travel trailer, sometimes from Pennsylvania) law practice, helping clients with various issues of:

I also run a non-profit called the Cook Forest Conservancy, which works to protect and improve the lands & waters of and surrounding Cook Forest State Park in northwest Pennsylvania – so sometimes I and my “semi-intrepid” travelling companion, Shagbark Jones the sort-of English Shepherd, are in the middle of the woods – which is always a lovely place to be.

Kelly in Cleveland

Practice Areas

Kelly focuses on Florida Probate Estate Administration, and its associated ancillaries:

Formal Administration

Some estates are complicated – or typical.

Kelly can close most estates within six months, and at minimal hassle and expense.  If you need a Florida formal probate administration, I can assist. 

Summary Administration

Some estates, less so.

A Florida summary administration can take as little as a few weeks.  I specalize in summary estate administrations, and will always tell you when one is possible or preferable, even if we wait a bit. 

Ancillary Administration

Some estates are mostly located in other states – or in other countries.

Kelly has ample experience working with domiciliary (foreign) estates to settle Florida real property issues.

Corrective Administration

Something’s gone awry? Whether the wrong heirs were named, only some of the heirs were named, or other elements render the order invalid, I can straighten out the errors.​

Florida Real Property

Need a Warranty, quit-claim, or Lady Bird deed – or an assignment of occupancy to transfer your Florida mobile home? I can help with those, or with Florida Homestead law issues.

Simple Estate Planning

Have you been told you need a trust? That may not be the case.  Possibly, your goals can be accomplished more simply, using wills & deeds. See Kelly for a review of your transfer-on-death options.

Pet Trusts

Maybe you do need a trust – for your dog or cat, or multiple critters. As an avid dog mom, Kelly can help ensure the ongoing care of your beloved pet.​

Florida Domicile

Full-time RV living, or digital nomad? Florida is among the very best places to call home. I can help you establish Florida residency. ​

Avoid Guardianship

Avoid the expense and court involvement of guardianship by executing a Florida-specific Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will & Healthcare Surrogate. ​

Kelly's "of-counsel" Attorneys


Master Attorney Ed finds clever solutions to all sorts of tedious problems, and patiently explains the same to his two lawyer daughters. Ed and his lovely bride enjoy old movies, physics, family dinners, and Pennsylvania.


Katy is a Stetson Law graduate focusing on estate planning, guardianships, and real property.  Katy married a sea-faring crane operator, and has a clever little boy who prefers people sitting down. 

KCC PA Testimonials

Thank you for all the effort so far! You have been tenacious! (remedy of title defect via certificate of trust)
sick of admiralty
Larry & Grace C.
You are a huge help and made the resolution of this very easy... You are not only a very pleasant young woman but you also sound like a very knowledgeable and competent attorney. (assignment of inheritance)
Joseph P. Smith III
You're a really good lawyer, to get me more money from that other lawyer. [paraphrased] (formal administration of one estate in a chain of several, and negotiation of creditor claims)
Walter L.
Probate Client
Just a thank you for all that you did for me (title transfer requiring probate & assignments of occupancy)
maple leaf
Henry D.

Find out more about how I work, how I can help you, and why low-stress probate and estate planning is preferable to the classic model – stuffy suits, high prices, & angst. 

Kelly works as a lawyer in the afternoons, and often from a trailer in a state park with little cell or internet connectivity, so please forgive delays in reply – it’s coming!​