How KCC PA Works: competently, remotely, & occasionally

Since this is a one-woman show, you know you’re always speaking with an attorney, and that all your paperwork is prepared by an attorney.

Please note that this also means that response time may be delayed due to my workload, which fluctuates.  Delays may also be caused by travel, as I am often in areas with reduced or nonexistent cellular and internet service. I am frequently located in Pinellas County, on the the Gulf Coast of Florida, and in the wilds of northwest Pennsylvania.  Sometimes, however, I’m in New York, or Olympic National Park, or on a ship. 

Wherever on the continent I am, I file estates and cases across Florida.  More particularly, I will work in any Florida county except, to date, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

Nearly all probate matters can be conducted remotely, and the personal representative (a/k/a executor), or petitioner, never needs to set foot in Florida. As a result of my low-overhead travelling office, I can quote a flat rate for many uncontested matters. In all cases, costs and fees are kept to a minimum.

Many cases, and much deed & estate-planning drafting, can be billed at a flat rate.  I can & will provide that rate after a cursory review of the circumstances of your case.

I prefer to conduct most work via email / slack /, as it minimizes misunderstandings and creates a traceable trail.  Whenever possible (i.e., as permitted by wifi or cell connectivity), messages of all kinds are checked and returned from 1 PM to 5 PM, EST.

Where Arnold Works.

If your legal issue is an emergency one, please contact another attorney.

Please fill out the contact form below, and I’ll review your submission and get back to you within a day or two via email.

There’s no charge for my review of, and response to, your submitted message. No attorney-client relationship is created until both of us so agree.  Feel free to consult other attorneys, and compare recommendations.

Your submission of this contact form confirms that you have read and understood the foregoing, and constitutes your agreement to the terms herein regarding how and when legal work is done by KCC PA.  

I look forward to working with you,
— Kelly C.

NB: The Florida Bar requires attorneys to warn clients on the potential insecurities of email communication – learn more about that on our Privacy Page. If these issues concern you, we can find an alternate option.