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More ways to pay your Florida Probate Attorney: this is the sort of law practice that aims to make all our lives easier – so KCC PA now accepts electronic payments!  Get things done quicker, and get back to your boating 🙂

E-check and credit card processing are a bit new to KCC PA (who’s getting ever older but still learning), so please forgive any confusions – I’ll work with you to get it sorted out.  We have options: 

1. Headnote

Check or Credit Card – any of either

Headnote is designed specifically for remitting payments to attorneys, and consequently leaves a beautiful paper trail.  

How it Works

KCC PA pays a small processing fee (1.9% for check payments, 2.9% for credit card payments), but is happy to absorb that cost in order to get things done more efficiently and painlessly – a welcome rarity in legal practice! 

I can send an invoice at your request, or you can bravely go it alone by clicking this button: 

2. Zelle

Check or Credit Card – linked from your bank account

Many folks already bank with institutions set up to send & receive payments via Zelle – first, you need to know if your bank is among those.  (Mine is – SunTrust a/k/a Truist.)  Once you’re confirmed as Zelle-enabled, I can send you information on how to initiate the payment.  

How it Works

Zelle sends money at no cost to you. It appears also to send money at no cost to me! 

There are usually daily limits on transfer amounts, but I don’t mind installment payments.  And thank you for saving me the processing fees!  

Just transfer payments to my usual lawyer email address, or contact me for more information on how to initiate the payment.